Senin, 09 Oktober 2017

Basic Training Student Leadership

Basic Training Student Leadership be held on 21 September 2017 until 23 September 2017 at Pussenif.

The first day, I came at 06:15
at the time, we were collected in a large field like a helicopter landing site.
beginning with the class division then the opening ceremony.
after the opening ceremony, we were taken to a large room for learning about leadership and we were taught by soldiers. We spend the time until 12:00 and then, we had lunch after that we pray dzuhur and back to barracks to put our bag. I was surprised how to eat there because the rice is :( and also we were given little time to lunch.
after that we continued our lessons until 21:00 and we attended night ceremony, during the ceremony, we were given clue that if we hear sirens a sign of fire, we have to get up in complete attributes.
We were awakened by sirens is a sign of fire. Fortunately, a lot of people not wearing full attributes because we wake up in half-consciously.
we took to a yard and we were given a punishment from soldiers. It's an unforgettable moment.
the night was very cold, and after we do a punishment, we slept again.

The second day, we were awakened for pray and continued gymnastics, after that we take a bath and continued our lesson in outside until 16:00
at about 16:15 we were taken by male soldiers to Taman Makam Pahlawan because we will do the Caraka Malam, after that they told me to remember a text and told us to blacken our face with a tablet.
We will pass 2 Km, in the middle of the road, we will complete a mission at the pos. I was walked with Alexa and Aliya, we walked in the darkness and in my left right there are many graves, and we pass the road with prayers.
The three of us were very frightened, but we tried not to fail in this mission
after a long walk we found the first post. At the post, we were shocked by the sound of tin cans thrown at the three of us. Immediately we shouted "Allahuakbar"
And it turned out to be the act of our soldiers and our seniors.After that, the three of us continue our journey. the three of us finished the post until about 00:30
After that, all the participants make a big circle and do the evening musings and return to pussenif by foot. After arriving at pussenif, we cleaned up and went to bed

The Third day, our morning we began with gymnastics then, take a bath, and continued our lessons "Outbonds Activities"
After we finish the activity all students are required to watch  G30SPKI movie , but in fact while watching may students who fell asleep, so did I. hehe
After that the students are told to pack the goods and prepare for the closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony is over and the Basic Training Student Leadership activities are closed.
I am very happy this event is over, a lot of memories that I passed during Basic Training Student Leadership, and many new materials that I know. I am very grateful to the soldiers as well as the teachers and our seniors who have guided us in this activities.
Unforgettable experience 😊

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