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Basic Training Student Leadership

Basic Training Student Leadership be held on 21 September 2017 until 23 September 2017 at Pussenif.
The first day, I came at 06:15 at the time, we were collected in a large field like a helicopter landing site. beginning with the class division then the opening ceremony. after the opening ceremony, we were taken to a large room for learning about leadership and we were taught by soldiers. We spend the time until 12:00 and then, we had lunch after that we pray dzuhur and back to barracks to put our bag. I was surprised how to eat there because the rice is :( and also we were given little time to lunch. after that we continued our lessons until 21:00 and we attended night ceremony, during the ceremony, we were given clue that if we hear sirens a sign of fire, we have to get up in complete attributes. We were awakened by sirens is a sign of fire. Fortunately, a lot of people not wearing full attributes because we wake up in half-consciously. we took to a yard and we were given a punishme…
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What's Your Plan?

Alya: " Hasya, I want to ask you, can I? "
Hasya: " sure, whats your question?"
Alya: "Whats your plan in the next week or in next month?
Hasya: "hmm"
Alya: "Will you go for a holiday at the end of the year?"
Hasya:"I don't know, I'm not sure yet. Usually, my family went to visit my grandma's house and other relatives in Subang, but that depends on the situation too."
Alya: "Why?'
Hasya: "Sometimes my father and mother have work to do even in the holiday. If that happens then I had no choice but to spend my holiday in my cramped room with nothing to do haha. But, if I can make a request then I'll love to visit my uncle's family in Bali. It feels odd but I kind of like the feeling when I'm far from my hometown since I rarely go somewhere far."
Alya: " Wow you sure will go to Bali?"
Hasya: "I don't know. I'm not sure yet, hahaha"
Alya: " If you will go to Ba…

Thanks for All

It was 1 years ago I got accident after doing an activity in the school. At that time, I was back to school with my friend and walked from school to Vanda park, when we will a cross there is one motorcycle was drove very quickly, at the last me and my friend got that accident, my legs can't move, but my friend panic to ask a help.
I was thanked people who drove me to the hospital, especially on my friend because she accompanied me until night in the hospital, and she always gives me spirit in a hard time thank you, friend.

one more, it was Junior high school, I have a lot of a hard time, but all my friends always supported me, they always make me smile and laugh in the school or anywhere, they always helped me in the school, if I have a problem with my family, they are ready for helped me, I'm so proud, I hope they have a good replay from Allah SWT.


*in a public library*

Hasya: "Excuse me, I'm trying to find this book, but I can't find it, could you help me?"
Alya: "Sure, I'm searching that book too, let's search it now!"
Hasya: "Thanks. My name is Hasya. And you are?"
Alya: " I'm Alya, nice to meet you, by the way, your face looks familiar, have we met before? "
Hasya: " If I'm not mistaken I've seen you somewhere near my school"
Alya: " What school are you from?"
Hasya: "3 Senior High School"
Alya: "I go to that school too!"
Hasya: "Wah!, which class are you in?"
Alya: "I'm in class X Science 3"
Hasya: " we're in the same class then!"
Alya:"Really? how come I never see you in class?"
Hasya: " I always sit in the back row haha
Alya: "By the way, have you find the book?"
Hasya: "No, I haven't, you?
Alya: "there it is!"
Hasya: " okay, let&…

It's me The Story Of My Life

My name is Alya Azzahra Widyaningayu, you can call me Alya or Ale. Oke guys can I introduce myself?
I was born in Bandung, 12 October 2002. I  studied at SDN MERDEKA 5 BANDUNG and 5 Junior High School Bandung, and now I study at 3 Senior High School Bandung. I live at Sumbawa Street No 100. I have many hobbies, Listen to the music, watching Kdrama, sing a song, etc.
I have two sisters, Ulfa Widya is my old sister, she was studied at the same school at 3 SHS Bandung, and she continued her study at Institute Technology Bandung, so I wish I can follow her to a good university. and Elvina Arrafi Widyanti is my second sister she was born in 1997, now she is studying at Polytechnic Bandung, she has several same hobbies as I am. for example, she very like k-drama as I am, so we always watch marathon k-drama together, that's so happy. My dad was passed away in 2012, at the moment my family is really so sad, and I always miss my father every day. now I live with my aunt because my moth…