Kamis, 20 September 2018

Debate(s): Opinions. My Analysis and Thoughts about Other Group's Debates

Hello Guys! So last week we are  debated with a different theme, here are the results of the summary.

1st Group 

Should the Government Nationalize Freeport?


Supporters say that the government will provide employment and facilities to employees who work there, and their children will be given guaranteed education scholarships, with the presence of freeport can also increase the country's foreign exchange.


Opposing parties say that Indonesia is not ready, because Indonesia has not yet made a smelter to deal with severe damage made by the previous manager of the freeport. Indonesia also does not have enough resources to nationalize Freeport fully.


My opinion is Indonesia will be ready to manage freeport when its human resources are of good quality and can really control the freeport to be a profitable source for Indonesia.

2nd Group 

The Price of Eggs is Raising Because of Idul Fitri


The supporting side said that it is normal to have egg prices increasing.

because there is the economic law of offers and demands. And, they need profit too.


The opposing side said that Eid al-Fitr is a place of luxury, but if the price of eggs increases, how can people who cannot use the celebration of luxury?


My opinion is that the price increase is already natural in the days leading up to Eid al-Fitr, after all, the people who work get greater severance pay when they are approaching Eid al-Fitr. they should prepare money to buy goods before Eid.

3rd Group

 Economic Growth After 1998


The supporting side said that after 1999, we started to see the increasing of GDP, HDI, Poverty, and an improvement in democracy as people started to choose the Government again instead of being chosen by MPR.


The opposing side said that before 1999 the society was better, so it's kind of downgrading now. Dollar value still increases, and a lot of corruption still happens. Prices were lower too at that time of year.


I think that is just a past event that we can learn in the future so that we can become better countries, and not repeat things like that again.

4th Group 

Zoning Policy that Collides with Our Country's Fundamentals


The supporting side said that  zoning is done to generalize the quality of schools and eliminate the nickname of favorite schools in certain areas, this is also done so that people who cannot afford to attend schools have quality schools.


The opposing side said that if zoning is carried out, many students who just want to enter the school are only for popularity and lead to the actions they make to exacerbate the school image.
The opposing side said that even though students will be closer to school, they will still use their own transportation which still increases traffic jam and pollution.


My opinion on this matter is zoning can be beneficial for those who really want to send their children to favorite schools in order to be useful people. but it can also be unprofitable for the parties of academic registrants who cannot be accepted because the registration quota is reduced.

in my opinion this should be eliminated because it can make school marks worse.

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