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Analytical Exposition Text: Addicted to Korean Dramas

Addicted to Korean Dramas

Kdrama is miniseries film and produced in Korean. In one title there are 16- 20 episodes. The series is packed with the very interesting title and themes. Korean dramas have good stories that contain good morals and inspiring to their audience. Korean dramas also have handsome and pretty players. These things are the reason why people are being an addict to kdrama.

Addicted to Korean drama makes our eyes broken because people who watch k-drama is not enough if just watch 1 episode in one day, peoples who are being addicted to kdrama watch 4-16 episodes in one day or we called that is a marathon. The nature of the K-drama makes marathoning a crutch to the K-drama addict, both the novice and the expert. 

Besides that, Marathoning leads to a phenomenon known as sleep loss. This happens when you watch most of a Korean drama in one night and still have to get up for school, it is because addict to koran drama make us forget the times.

Even if you don’t know Korean, you somehow figure out how to search Korean sites for the juicy morsels you need in order to sustain your life. If you’re seriously hardcore, you have to learn hangeul and installed a Korean keyboard on your computer for speedier research. That makes you start to become an internet expert.

If you’ve done massive amounts of daily research, you have begun to build a mental encyclopedia. So you know these bits of trivia and more from memory. You can name every drama and film your faves have been in their costars, and the commercials airing at the time the drama was airing, all without looking up the information. As your actor and drama arsenal becomes fuller, you start to remember PDs and writers.

Watching Kdrama is addicted, just how we manage that with our own lives.

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