Senin, 21 Agustus 2017

What's Your Plan?

Alya: " Hasya, I want to ask you, can I? "
Hasya: " sure, whats your question?"
Alya: "Whats your plan in the next week or in next month?
Hasya: "hmm"
Alya: "Will you go for a holiday at the end of the year?"
Hasya:"I don't know, I'm not sure yet. Usually, my family went to visit my grandma's house and other relatives in Subang, but that depends on the situation too."
Alya: "Why?'
Hasya: "Sometimes my father and mother have work to do even in the holiday. If that happens then I had no choice but to spend my holiday in my cramped room with nothing to do haha. But, if I can make a request then I'll love to visit my uncle's family in Bali. It feels odd but I kind of like the feeling when I'm far from my hometown since I rarely go somewhere far."
Alya: " Wow you sure will go to Bali?"
Hasya: "I don't know. I'm not sure yet, hahaha"
Alya: " If you will go to Bali, give me some cendramata from Bali, hahaha"
Hasya:"Sure I will give you pie Bali"
Alya: " Haha, Thank you I know what a delicious that's pie"
Hasya: "You're welcome"

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