Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

Thanks for All

It was 1 years ago I got accident after doing an activity in the school. At that time, I was back to school with my friend and walked from school to Vanda park, when we will a cross there is one motorcycle was drove very quickly, at the last me and my friend got that accident, my legs can't move, but my friend panic to ask a help.
I was thanked people who drove me to the hospital, especially on my friend because she accompanied me until night in the hospital, and she always gives me spirit in a hard time
thank you, friend.

one more, it was Junior high school, I have a lot of a hard time, but all my friends always supported me, they always make me smile and laugh in the school or anywhere, they always helped me in the school, if I have a problem with my family, they are ready for helped me, I'm so proud, I hope they have a good replay from Allah SWT.

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